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ld rupture disc

LD Rupture Disc

Nominal sizes

1″-12″ (25-300 mm)

Seating configuration:

30° angular seat

Burst pressure range:

2-1,440 psig (0,138-99,3 barg)

Operating temperature:

Up to 1,000°F (538°C)

Manufacturing range:

See table 2, Manufacturing Ranges

The LD composite rupture disc includes a slotted metal top section with a fluoropolymer or metallic seal on the process side. It is ideal for primary or secondary system relief protection, and an optional non-fragmenting design can provide fugitive emission control when used to isolate a safety relief valve. The Composite Rupture Disc is recommended for use in systems that have a maximum operating pressure of up to 80% of the rupture disc’s marked burst pressure.

The LD includes a high-visibility flow direction tag for easy installation, correct orientation, and at-a-glance inspection. All LD rupture discs 1″ (25 mm) nominal size and above include a flow direction tag.

The LD is suitable for static, cyclic, or pulsating operating conditions but requires a vacuum support to withstand vacuum. When ordering, please specify if your application requires a non-fragmenting disc.

Our seven-hole pattern

Our composite rupture discs are designed with a seven-hole pattern at the apex of the rupture disc dome and six radiating precut sections. Used in conjunction with a non-metallic or fluoropolymer seal, these elements prevent fragmentation when rupturing.

The seven-hole pattern allows construction with heavier materials, resulting in a higher maximum recommended operating ratio – up to 80%.