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pilot operated valve


Pilot Operated Valve


2” through 12” (50-300mm) 

Pressure Settings:

from 7.0* InWC to 15 psig *. For settings below 7 inWC

Vacuum Settings:

7.0 InWC to 12 psig 

Standard Body Materials:

Carbon Steel (WCB/CS), Stainless Steel (CF8M/316), Aluminum (356) 

Supply Media Temperature Range:

-320° F to 300° F 

Certification :

ISO 9001 Certified manufacturing process 

ATEX and PED Approval 

The Groth 1600 Series valves provide safe, dependable, and accurate low pressure and/or vacuum protection. Seals in accordance with API 2000 requirements for Pilot Operated Relief Valves. This design prevents fugitive emissions and conserves stored product. Rated flow at 10% overpressure provides the ability to operate closer to the tank MAWP, increasing the operating range of the process. This reduces the need for a large overpressure and saves product, which translates into profit. Flexibility in terms of film or o-ring seat and snap or modulating action allows product customization to specific application requirements. The Model 1662A incorporates a vacuum breaker.