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blanket gas regulators

Blanket Gas Regulators

Blanket Gas Regulators

• Model: 3000 Series
• Simple operation, spring-loaded “push-push” balanced piston design
• Bubble-tight shut-off
• Variable orifice, field-adjustable flow capacity
• Single stage regulator
• Setting ranges from 0.5 InWC to 15 psig
• Modulating opening
• Minimal lockup and droop

Blanket Gas Regulators from Groth Corporation ensure that a constant gas pressure is maintained in the vapor space of a storage tank. A blanket gas regulator supplies an inert gas to prevent a vacuum from developing when liquid is removed from a tank, to maintain the desired blanket pressure when the temperature drops, and to prevent outside air from contaminating the tank or creating a flammable or explosive environment. A blanket gas pressure as low as 0.5 InWC prevents outside air and moisture from entering the storage vessel and reduces evaporation of the stored product to a negligible amount. The end result: product conservation and significant reduction in tank emissions.

Groth blanket gas regulators provide a controlled gas environment in storage tanks for the following applications:

  • Refineries
  • Chemical & Petrochemical Plants
  • Liquid Bulk Storage Terminals
  • Pulp & Paper Plants
  • Food & Beverage Storage

Blanket Gas Regulators