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std rupture disc

STD Rupture Disc

Nominal size range:

1/4″-12″ (13-300 mm)

Seating configuration:

30˚ seat

Burst pressure range:

3-6,000 psig (0,207-414 barg)

Operating temperature:

Up to 1,000°F (538° C)


Gas, vapor, or liquid

Manufacturing range:

See table 2, Manufacturing Ranges

The STD rupture disc is a solid metal, prebulged differential pressure relief device that provides instantaneous full opening within milliseconds of an overpressure situation. Use it to protect equipment, vessels, and systems from overpressure conditions.

The STD is ideal for static, pulsating, or cyclic operation conditions but requires a vacuum support to withstand vacuum.

The STD’s high-visibility flow direction tag ensures easy installation, correct orientation, and at-a-glance inspection. All STD discs with the (LL) seating for insert holders include an attached flow direction tag. Other LaMOT discs include a detached tag.